How To Apply

We aim to make the application process as simple as possible, but we do need to ask for a reasonable amount of information to assist the Trustees in their decision making and to comply with the charity guidelines. Before you apply, please make sure that your organisation is working within our catchment area, and is not otherwise excluded for any of the reasons noted in the previous section "What We Do".

The Trustees meet about 5 times a year. Applications should be written and sent to the charity's address.
Please ensure that you provide the following information:

  • The full name and address of the charity to which correspondence should be sent and cheques made payable in the event of a grant being made
  • Your charity number
  • A brief description of your charity and its activities if this is a first application
  • What the grant is for
  • Who will benefit
  • How much any specific items will cost
  • Other fund raising activities being carried out and the amount raised so far
  • A set of audited accounts where available
  • A copy of your Reserves Policy

Who We Are

The Helen Jean Cope Charity is named after Jean Cope, who inherited the estates of her grandfather Alan Moss and her mother, Annie Isobel (Nan) Cope.

Jean, who was unmarried died in 1993, leaving most of her estate to be distributed to charity. In this she was following in the footsteps of her mother and grandfather, who had both been considerable benefactors in their home town, Loughborough. They are prehaps best remembered for their gift to the town of part of The Outwoods, followed by the gift of Jubilee Wood.

In 1998 the Charity Commissioners approved a scheme for distributing the assets of the estate, and since that time the Trustees have given almost £5million to charity. Following the pattern set by the Copes themselves, the Trustees make most of the grants to charities which are based in, or have a connection with the East Midlands, with preferences being given to applications which will benefit Leicestershire.

What We Do

The Helen Jean Cope Charity only makes grants to Registered Charities, usually to achive specific objectives. Grants normally range in size between £500 and £5000, although we do make larger grants in some circumstances. We prefer applications to be from charities based in the East Midlands, but we do make grants to national charities where they can demonstrate that they will provide a benefit to our catchment area. Grants are usually made for specific purposes, and are rarely made to the same organisation two years in succession.

Since its inception, The Helen Jean Cope Charity has helped schools, village halls, churches, playgroups, art festivals, and all manner of groups catering for the needs of young, the old, the disabled, the homeless and the sick.

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